Relive the Golden Age of Rail
in Comfort & Style.

In years past, premier service aboard first-class trains of America was the rule.  Those regularly scheduled trains from years gone by have, unfortunately, vanished into history.  However, you can still relive those days of first-class service, superb cuisine, and comfortable appointments aboard the fine family of private passenger rail cars we have available for charter.

Fall Farewell – 2017  

Please come and join with us on our last public excursion for this season. You may depart from St. Louis or Chicago for your trip to New Orleans aboard our nostalgic stream-liner, down the main street of mid-America by private rail-car on the train they call The City of New Orleans. New Orleans is America’s unique place…with it’s cool jazz, hot n’ spicy Cajun food and lively Zydeco entertainment that continues until the wee hours of the morning. Click here for trip details.

You will have as much fun getting where you’re going,
as you do when you get there!

You are not confined to your seat as when you travel in an automobile, motor coach or a plane. You’re free to stroll to the lounge cars for refreshments, games and movies.  The full-course meals in the dining car are another enjoyable aspect of traveling on the rails.  Enjoy the scenery of North America’s most spectacular landscapes.  Private-room sleeping accommodations are included or are available on all overnight trains.  You will have privacy when you want it in the daytime and comfortable, restful sleep at night.

Call anytime for your next special trip, corporate board meeting, business travel, second honeymoon, family vacation, or that group trip you’ve always talked about. We will plan a special trip for special times, whether it is a whole train or just one car!



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