About Us

It is Our Mission to Exceed Your Expectations

American Rail Excursions, Inc. is a company specializing in nostalgic rail, overland cruises aboard our private rail passenger cars that have been painstakingly restored to better than original condition and reflects railroading’s golden age.

For a travel experience you will never forget, step away from the crowd and back into railroad’s “Golden Age”.

Travel with us aboard private rail cars that held the most prestigious positions on America’s most famous trains- The 20th Century Limited, The California Zephyr or The Crescent.

Private rail car travel is like having a hotel suite on wheels, a fine restaurant with a five-star chef, an ever-changing view through your window as we travel across America, and room to get up and walk around.

Our equipment is climate-controlled for winter or summer operation, and is fully self-contained with our own generator, fresh and waste water system, and can travel anywhere the silver rails will take us, day or night. Additionally, we have a kitchen/dinner area lounge, bedrooms, and a full shower- all the comforts! And for that corporate meeting, TV, VCR, fax, cell-phone and terminal phone hook up.

Call anytime for your next, special trip, corporate board meeting, business travel, second honeymoon, family vacation, or that group trip you’ve always talked about. We will plan a special trip for special times, whether it is one car or a whole train!