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Featured Railcars

The rail cars that are featured on American Rail Excursions are selected by quality, comfort and utmost fit, feel and finish that give our guests the experience felt by passengers during the golden age of rail travel.

Hollywood Beach

The “Hollywood Beach” was built by the Pullman Standard Company for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1956. The Pullman Company operated the car when it came on line. The sleeper / lounge car was in service on the famed… Continue reading

City of Angels

 City of Angels - is former New York Central 6 double bedroom/buffet/lounge Laurel Stream built by Budd Co in 1949.

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The Golden Shore retains much of its original Southern Pacific character while incorporating ADA accessible doors, seating, and restroom facilities, as well as advanced mechanical and operating systems.

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Round-end 3301 ROYAL STREET was of one eight 5 double bedroom-buffet-lounge observation ordered in 1946, built by Pullman-Standard, and completed in February and March of 1950

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Taos Baggage Car

The Taos is the perfect multi-use car for any steam operator needing an Amtrak approved tool or commissary car and the interior can be set up to meet specific needs! MU Equipped, based in both the Midwest and on the West Coast for all your charter needs!

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Pacific Union Sleeper Car

Pacific Union's 6 double bedrooms provide guests with a large sofa, table and a private annex (washroom with a toilet, sink and mirror) or a small sofa, comfortable lounge chair, comfortable sleeping accommodations with two beds, one upper and one lower.

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